“Why Did I Ever Taste Alcohol?!” Omosh Bemoans

This week Omosh was interviewed by YouTuber, Glow with Makena.

The former Tahidi High actor revealed some interesting things about his life, with one of those being his biggest regret.

Omosh who has always been open about his struggles with alcohol admitted that he regrteed ever taking the bottle.

“My biggest regret…Why did I drink? Why did I taste alcohol? Kwa nini nilitaste?” the accomplished actor said.


Makena then followed up by asking when Omosh had started drinking? He said that he had always drunk.

“Kukunywa nilianza kukunywa kitambo sana. But there came a time I saw that enough was enough. I have taken too much!”

During the interview, Makena explained that the background noise was coming from the church that Omosh now attends.

That’s when Omosh used the opportunity to encourage viewers to make a point of going to church or the Mosque.

“Guys make a point of going to church each and every Sunday. Haikuumi manze! Atakama wewe ni Muislamu make time ya kuswali.”

Watch the interview below:


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