So Who Is Dolla Kabarry? The Luo Benga Artiste Who Bought Daughter A Flashy Car!

Luo Benga artiste Dolla Kabarry made headlines after gifting his daughter, Sheril, with a brand new Toyota Landcruiser TX for scoring the target marks they had told her.

Kabarry’s daughter scored over 400 marks in the just-announced KCPE exam.

On his wife, Connie Kabarry’s Facebook page, the elated mother revealed that they promised her expensive items in the spur of the moment and the girl delivered.

“The things we promise our kids thinking they won’t deliver. We must deliver. Stay tuned and wait for the gifts. You deserve everything we promised you my sweet angel Sheryl,” Connie said.

Dolla Kabarry

In a different video, she captioned;

“Daddy, if I score 400 and above you’ll buy me a big car and mom get me a Samsung phone. Here we are baby, here we are.”

Sheryl was also gifted a Samsung phone worth Ksh 150,000.

So, who is Dolla Kabarry?

He was born and raised in Siaya.

He is a benga musician and leads the band called Orchestra Super Haki Haki. His songs are mainly in Dholuo language.

His father Barrack Migot led the band Bondo Super Stars. When his father died in 1998, Kabarry took over the band, but left the band soon due to internal rivalry and formed Orchestra Super Haki Haki in 2000.

During his early career, he had also played with Okatch Biggy, Awino Lawi and Ouma Jerry among others.

In 2003, Kabarry was voted “singer of the year” by the Music Composers Association; the award was shared with Suzzana Owiyo.

He won the “Western benga” category at the 2006 Kisima Music Awards and was nominated in 2007.

His collaboration song, “Adhiambo C”, with hip hop group Deux Vultures – whose members were Colonel Mustapha and Nasty Thomas – was also nominated for Kisima Award.

Kabarry held a three-month in tour the USA in 2008 and released a new album, Wololo.

Kabarry allegedly has two wives (Angelina and Jane), three daughters and one son (as of 2008).

However, Dola Kabarry is said to have eloped with Connie, an actress in the local Kenyan film industry (as of 2020).

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