”What She Took From Her Mother Ni Kushuta Tu,” Prezzo Speaks About His Daughter

Veteran Kenyan musician Jackson Makini alias Prezzo has revealed that  he found out that he has a daughter after her birth.

In a recent exclusive interview with Syllabus of Life, Prezzo said that he was involved in a romantic relationship with a woman but the woman never informed him that she conceived.

She later came to tell him that she has his child and Prezzo thought that it was a joke. When he met the young one, he realized that there was no doubt that he was the father and therefore he took up his responsibilities.

“I had a relationship with  a lady, not even a  relationship. This lady came to me and told me  ooh niko na mtoto wako. I said okay cool, I talk to myself huyu ananipanga. Then later on when I came to see my child my daughter named Dina who very much looked like me, the only thing he took from his mother ni kushuta tu, at first I was pissed of hakuniambia baada ya miezi tisa. Baadaye vile naona mtoto huyo ni mini-me  so nikamaccomodate, ” Prezzo said.


The artist was also annoyed  by the fact that his daughter was born at Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

”The lady took herself to Nairobi women’s and she was having my child… I could have taken her to Karen Hospital, Nairobi Hospital or abroad in places like India where they offer exemplary services for women in her condition,” Prezzo said.

The self proclaimed ‘King Of Bling’ reportedly got engaged to radio presenter Azzezah. Azeezah later revealed that the engagement was fake and that she was not going to marry the musician. Prezzo is however not new to relationship scandals. He has been divorced two times since 2013 with Daisy Jematia and Isabella.

Daisy accused him of being a violent drug user which led her to file a case on divorcing him while the rapper complained of Isabella having a lavish lifestyle that was too much for him.

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