Wedding Bells! Akuku Danger Hints At Marrying Sandra Dacha Soon

After popular actress Sandra Dacha confirming a romantic relationship with comedian Akuku Danger, the two have decided to take their relationship a notch higher after Akuku contemplating on marriage soon.

The jester; who was on an illness spree saw his bae Sandra on the frontline pushing for his fundraising which accumulated to millions.

From her persistent updates, her undying love for the funnyman was evident as she spent more time with him while he layed on his hospital bed.

Akuku Danger And Sandra Dacha
Akuku Danger And Sandra Dacha

Upon his recovery, Dacha could no longer eschew the fact that they’re an item.

”Akuku is my Bae…he is my boyfriend”, she shared.

The two confirmed rumours that had started piling up about them. On several occasions, they could be seen hanging out together and getting all cosy.

They have built a palpable love chemistry between them. Even though Dacha is way bigger than Akuku, she claims Akuku ‘anawezana’ and purported that ‘dawa ya balloon ni sindano’.

He’s the only one who knows how to handle the ‘big machine’.

With that being said, Akuku is set to marry the love of his life. This he revealed in a recent question and answer (QA) session with his fans on Instagram.

He could no longer remain oblivious to the numerous inquisitions on marrying Sandra. One of his fans asked when they’re tying the knot.

Sandra And Akuku

Akuku replied;

”Wewe anza kushona kitenge”

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