‘We Have Not Been Together For A While,’ Singer Nadia Mukami Confirms Break Up With Arrow Boy

Musician Nadia Mukami has confirmed her estrangement from her musician husband, Arrow Boy, in a statement posted on her Instagram stories.

Nadia was responding to ‘guys’ who she claimed were attempting to book her and her husband for a double show.

According to ‘Tesa’ hitmaker, they have not been together for a while and she has run out of lies to tell.

“We have not been together for a while, We broke up”

“Kindly contact individual management for bookings,” Mukami wrote.In early 2022, Mukami and Arrow Boy let the cat out of the bag revealing that they had been dating for a while.


Mukami got engaged to Arrowboy sometime in March of 2022 as her lover launched his focus album.

In a series of videos that have circulated generously on social media, the proposal was picture-perfect, with Arrow Bwoy seizing the moment to go down on one knee as ‘Radio love’- the couple’s collabo- was blasting on the speakers.

The couple would thereafter reveal that not only were they official, but were also expecting their first child together.

The two started off on what would become a whirlwind romance on a purely professional friendship, collaborating in the smash hit ‘Radio Love’ sometime in 2019.

Arrow Bwoy who addressed the tale of how they met via an Instagram live claims that despite being in the friendzone, he kinda figured out that they had some chemistry going on.

‘She called me to feature on the song. I was sick and my voice was not exactly at its best, but I had to do it for her. Her verse was ready and I laid down mine. The chemistry was crystal clear,’ Arrow Bwoy said at the time.

And in a separate interview, Nadia would echo Arrow Bwoy’s sentiments, maintaining that the two were in a professional engagement. Or was it?

“He is taken and I don´t want to ruin people´s family,” Nadia said.

In April of 2020, a few months after, the ‘Jipe’ singer would shock her fans online, after revealing that the ‘professional relationship’ had become somewhat ‘romantic’ before stalling.

He is an amazing friend, we tried dating, it didn’t work out,” Nadia told the Trend at the time.

She would later retract that claims in a different interview with Jalang’o, claiming she had just used the ‘dating story to push their brands online’.

“I am single and working on my business, Arrow Bwoy and I never dated. What happened was that a blogger wrote the story and we just decided to run with it, we used it to push our music,” she said.

To back her claims, Arrow Bwoy would also deny the dating rumours, to the extent of referring to their alleged union as ‘sideshows’.

“She is one of the vibrant female artists we have in East Africa, na ako na potential kubwa sana ya kupeperusha bendera yetuya Kenya, nah ii yote inaezekana kama anaeza channel hiyo energy yote kwa craft yake, aachane tu na hizi sideshows,” he added “Nadia mwenye najua ni tulifanya na yeye ngoma and it was a hit song,” he said.


A year later, all their denial appeared to have flown with the wind, with a photo of them sharing kiss at the beach in matchy-matchy outfits sparking fresh dating rumours.

“My hardworking, patient, pure hearted handsome man! Baba Safari,” Nadia captioned the photo, with Arrow Bwoy hopping in with a rejoinder: “You are my smart, intelligent, boss lady! Mama Safari.

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