‘We Can’t Go Back, The Disrespect Was Too Much’ Yvonne Khisa and Bushra Speak on Why They Left Crazy Kennar

Tales of Crazy Kennar ex crew members Bushra and Yvonne Khisa have opened up on working with the content cartel and how the group fell apart.

In an interview with Dr Ofweneke, the two said they have been working together for over six years but Crazy Kennar betrayed them.

Yvonne shared that her core memories with the team are the moments they shared and the friendship they had that united them as a family.

Bushra said there are no plans to work together with Kennar in the future, revealing that they haven’t talked since the team broke up. She added that the disrespect was too much and there is no way she would work with Kennar again.

This came shortly after Kennar reportedly revealed that he was looking for new female content creators to work with on his brand.

The original tales of Crazy Kennar crew broke up a while ago an act which left many wondering what really transpired.

On social media, Africas (Shiro) revealed that they were forced to leave the team after their contracts were terminated.

Yvonne and Bushra through their respective Instagram accounts penned messages seemingly aimed at the comedian, noting that the truth will always prevail.

Yvonne Khisa also shared a cryptic post on social media which left many wondering if there is bad blood between her and Kennar.

” Toxic people acting as the victim is the funniest shit ever,” she wrote.

The two actresses said they are working to reinvent themselves and fans should expect more content and vines from them.

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