‘Wataendelea Tu Na Kazi:’ Jalang’o Willing To Forgive Employees Who Stole From Him If They Surrender

Comedian-turned-politician Felix Odiwuor, commonly known as Jalang’o, now says that he is prepared to let bygones be bygones and welcome back two of his employees who allegedly stole a little over Ksh.1 million from him on June 4, 2022.

On the date of incident, Jalang’o claimed that Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema took the cash from one of his vehicles before fleeing.

The two, who were working in Jalang’o’s compound as ground managers, were reportedly washing the said vehicle at the time.


Speaking in a phone interview with ilele FM on Friday, the aspiring Lang’ata legislator held out an olive branch while urging the pair to turn themselves in to law enforcement authorities.

Should Omundu and Litiema do so, Jalang’o claims he will allow them to continue working for him as if nothing ever happened. This despite lamenting that he felt betrayed by the pair who he says were part of his inner circle.

“What pains me the most is that Omundu and Litiema were like family to me. The betrayal hurts and I am now a shell of my former self,” he said.

“They made a poor decision which has essentially ruined their lives. Wherever they are tell them that if they return they will continue with their old jobs.”

Jalang’o went on to give his own account of events of the day of incident.

According to the former radio presenter, he had used the vehicle a day prior to the incident to attend a campaign meeting before returning it to his compound late at night.

The vehicle, Jalang’o added, is commonly used to ferry his children to school and on the morning of June 4, one of them approached him claiming she had forgotten a class project in the vehicle.

He handed his daughter the car keys and she headed to the vehicle where she encountered Omundu and Litiema. The pair had just finished other chores and were planning to wash the aspiring MP’s vehicles.

“Without any thought, the pair stole the cash and left the premises. It never crossed my mind that the two had stolen from me until we noticed, three hours later, that the duo was conspicuously missing from the compound,” Jalang’o narrated.

“They betrayed our friendship and it’s sad because I never thought of them as my employees.”

According to Jalang’o, the pair switched off their phones and fled with their families after committing the audacious crime, prompting the former media personality to offer a Ksh.100,000 reward for any information leading to their arrests.

Jalang’o is however convinced that the suspects have yet to abscond to neighbouring countries.

“Kama wameenda mbali wanacheza hapa Bungoma, Kakamega ama Busia. Hawa ni watu ambao walikuwa wameanza kujijenga mitandaoni; walikuwa wameanza kupata kandarasi lakini kwa sasa hawawezi fanya chochote,” he stated.

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