Wahu Opens Up About Her Struggle With Fertility

Singer Wahu Kagwi revealed she struggled with fertility after having her second child.

In a Facebook post, the ‘Sweet Love’ hitmaker gave details of her journey to motherhood and revealed how doctors had told her that it was impossible for her to get pregnant again without medical assistance.

The 42-year-old added that she had since made peace with the news despite wanting to have three children.

“If anyone told me in January that I’d be ending 2022 as a mother of 3, I would’ve said that’s a cruel joke .. They’d told me it was impossible to get pregnant again without medical assistance…I was trying to make peace with being a mother of 2..though 3 had always been my heart’s desire,” she wrote.

Wahu Kagwi

While narrating her struggles, Wahu recounted that God finally remembered her and gave her a child without needing medical assistance.

“Now see God…I have every reason to be grateful. He makes all things beautiful in his time,” she wrote.

Earlier, Wahu who is 42 years old stated that giving birth at her age had given many women hope. She added that her pregnancy relationship strengthened her relationship with God.

“Getting a baby after 40 years gave a lot of women hope, and some came to my DM, and when I met them, they had hope that it is possible… It is not over until God says it is over,” she stated.

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