Vivian admits music career crumbled when Sam West walked out of marriage

Singer Vivian, in an interview with media personality Lynn Ngugi on June 7, candidly revealed that everything in her life fell apart when she ended her relationship with her ex, Sam West.

She expressed that she was unprepared for the aftermath, particularly the loss of a partner she had grown accustomed to working with.

She further explained that she used to spend most of her time with Sam due to their working conditions, as he also served as her marketer.

“Ideally, a proper marriage you have to synergize. You have to create a proper foundation but you also have to synergize. For me as a musician how I would handle things in a business perspective,” Vivian said.


Vivian also revealed that she had a poor contract during that time, but fortunately, she managed to get out of it at the beginning of this year, 2023.

Vivian candidly stated that the separation process was somewhat hostile as Sam walked out of the marriage, despite her having done the same earlier in their marriage.

“Even as he walked out, initially we tried to repair and we even had a few meetings. I think what relationships do is that they force you to grow,” Vivian added.

Vivian continued to  express that she felt bitter and angry when Sam left because she believed they had a strong commitment, only to see him become uncommitted after their breakup.

However, she eventually realized that Sam was also experiencing pain, which prompted her to delve into understanding how men and women experience hurt differently.

Vivian maintained that she chose to release any feelings of spite towards Sam because she didn’t want it to consume her internally. She decided to let go with love.

She also dismissed rumors that Sam left because she couldn’t bear him a child. She clarified that their initial plan was to integrate their two children first, as they both entered the marriage with a child from their respective previous relationships.

However, circumstances did not unfold as they had hoped.

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