Vioja Mahakamani’s Prosecutor Asks Kenyans to Help Raise KSh 6m for Kidney Transplant

Actor Gibson Gathu, famously known as Prosecutor, has asked Kenyans to help him fundraise KSh 6 million for a kidney transplant.

The thespian has graced our screens for over two decades in Vioja Mahakamani and he was ‘Kiongozi wa Mashtaka’ alias Prosecutor.

It was among the best-scripted comedy shows in Kenya and Gibson bodied his part very well.

Vioja Mahakamani

In an exclusive interview the actor was rather cheerful and noted he has been battling diabetes for over twenty years. He said:

“I have been managing blood sugar for over twenty-plus years, but now was diagnosed with kidney failure in November 2020.”

The Prosecutor also noted ever since he was diagnosed in November he had been undergoing dialysis twice a week and the medicines had become quite expensive.

He paid KSh 9,500 per dialysis, which he noted has really drained him and his family financially in which his doctor advised him to do a transplant.

“When I became sick in November, I have been undergoing dialysis twice in a week and then talked to the doctor in which he advised me since I cannot wake up do a transplant,” he said.

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