Video Of Eric Omondi Publicly Kissing ‘girlfriend’ Sparks Mixed Reactions Online

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Eric Omondi is an entertainer and judging from his posts; it’s no secret that this fella is willing to go all the way just to keep his fans entertained.

So far we have seen him go out on different dates with his ‘wife material’ contestants; and just when we thought he was out looking for a serious wife – the fella shared a video making out with Carol from Bandbeca.

Judging from how passionate their kiss looks, I bet Eric got paid well for his vixen role for their upcoming project; I mean haven’t we seen artists pull such stunts before?

Although it’s obvious to see that this is an upcoming music video; we cannot really confirm since Eric and Carol’s kiss has now left many asking questions.


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Some fans have gone ahead to link the two as a couple since no one can give out a deep kiss to a stranger; unless there’s money involved which now leaves us wondering as to whether Carol and Eric are an item?

Well, it wouldn’t be that bad since the two look amazing together; and if anything, time is no longer on Eric’s side – meaning he needs to settle down soon.

Anyway below is the video of Carol and Eric Omondi exchanging saliva….


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