Veteran Actor Ainea Ojiambo Reveals Why He Is Always The ‘Bad Guy’ In Movies

Veteran Actor Ainea Ojiambo has revealed why he plays the bad guy role in most shows he is casted.

From his days in Makutano Junction, Nairobi Half Life and Demigods to his recent roles like the dirty cop Juma doing Nana Tandala’s (Sanaipei Tande) bidding in the telenovela Kina, and the crooked prison warden Musa in the thriller series Igiza.

His most recent cast is in the political thriller series County 49, Ojiambo takes on the role of Okusimba Sibi aka Ox, the deposed Governor of Bwatele County.

Ainea Ojiambo

Ox plays a stereotypical African politician – charismatic, deeply corrupt, deeply loved by his supporters, and with just enough capacity for dictatorship if left to his own devices.

According to Ojiambo most directors find him good for the role and because the role is one which many people can hardly play.

“Most directors think that I’m able to portray such characters so well, and you know what they say, If you can play a bad guy then you must be one of the best because playing a good guy is easy. Everybody can do it,” Ojiambo says.

The actor is however looking to explore more diverse roles in future shows and movies and precisely looks to moving to romantic roles.

“I think next time, I’ll go for an Alejandro type of character, a romantic guy so that I can show people I can also do romance, the kind of role that will make people cry when they see me frustrated in love,” he says.

During the shooting of County 49, Ojiambo who is a licensed gun holder lent his weapon expertise to the cast of County 49, teaching them how to handle guns since the show is heavy on the action and gun fights.

County 49 is available to stream on Showmax.

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