Vera Sidika Leaves Fans With Mixed Feelings After Sharing Twerk Video

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Vera Sidika may be married to Brown Mauzo and for some reason fans feel that she may also be bored with that ‘wifey’ type of life.

Probably this is because she only carried herself as a wife for a few weeks; then jumped right back inti the street life – which seems more fun.

Well, this past weekend as the world ushered in the new year; Vera Sidika went on to unveil a new video where she is seen twerking or rather clapping her booty.

Of course there are those who could not but help leaving thirsty comments; while the holier than thou called her out for the ratchet behavior.


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“To all my perverts, I’m sure you missed this ???????? New Year’s gift from me to you ???????????? Happy 2021 ????”

Looking closely at the video you will understand that Vera this time around was ready to parade whatever part of her body just to keep fans talking. With this video, we can sure you that most fans did more than talking.

Some went to an extent of shaming her parents for raising someone without morals… but hey, this helps pay her bills. Wueh!

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