Vera Sidika Denies Rumours That Her New Boyfriend is Gay

Kenyan socialite and reality TV star Vera Sidika has called out those who claim that her new boyfriend is gay.

In a post on social media, Vera said that people should not be judged because of what they wear and that not all male fashion models are members of the LGBTQ community.

“You all do understand that not all male fashion models are LGBTQ right? Why people jump into conclusion is beyond me.”

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Yesterday, Vera officially introduced Gideon Brown as the man in the US who has swept her off her feet.

“Love you forever baby!!!! @itsgbrown,” Vera captioned a photo of Gideon Brown.

In another post, Vera Sidika said she loved Gideon Brown’s ‘madness’.

“My partner in madness love your crazy **s @itsgbrown,” Vera Sidika wrote.

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According to information on his Instagram profile, Gideon Brown is a 29-year-old New York City-based model, dancer and actor.

After sharing the post, some fans however claimed that the new man is gay due to his dress code.

Others were keen to notice that he shares a last name with Vera’s previous lovers, Otile Brown and Brown Mauzo.

Nonetheless, the couple seems to enjoy their blossoming relationship, as evidenced by their affectionate social media posts. 

This comes after her public break up with her husband Kenyan musician Brown Mauzo.

Vera Sidika travelled to New York hours after Brown Mauzo announced that they had decided to go separate ways.

The mother of two shared that she was catching flights instead of feelings and immediately started sharing photos of the good life she is living in the United States.

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