VDJ Jones Explains Why Gengetone Artistes Don’t Survive In The Music Industry

Renowned mix master VDJ Jones has attributed the fall of Gengetone artists to drug and substance abuse.

VDJ Jones, speaking in a recent interview, said young artists do not have entrepreneurial minds when their music is at its peak and instead squander all their earnings on drug abuse.

lamented how life has changed after breaking out of the groups that brought them fame.

VDJ Jones

Edu Maddox of Boondocks gang and Qoqos Juma of Sailors gang have cried of hard times after their group dispersed.

“The problem with many artists not just Maddox is drug abuse, that is the reality many people don’t want to face,” Jones stated.

Jones added that many artists do not have entrepreneurial minds at their peak adding that the artists made good money at their peak but did not utilize what they made.

Recently Edu Maddox admitted to having gotten to the level where drug abuse had gotten him forcing him to seek help.

“Yes I had gotten into drugs trying to push hard to give my fans good music and it affected me but I went for counseling for two months and I am better now,” he said.

Former Sailors gang member Qoqos Juma on the other hand blamed their tribulations on record labels which he says always brings artistes down anytime they have something.

Life has been very hard, since I joined the music industry things have not been easy, you try to come up as an artiste you are pulled down by the management and record labels)”, an emotional Qoqos Juma Juma said.

The musician explained that the record label that signed most Gengetone artistes is responsible for their down fall.

“At the moment we are working individual because of the label, they don’t want us as team. All these Gengetone artistes have been brought down by the record labels and I will not shy away from speaking the truth,” Juma said.

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