Ujaluo Ni Gharama! Otile Flaunts Ksh 80,000 Balenciaga ‘Gumboots’

Singer Otile Brown has gifted himself shoes worth a piece of land in some unknown part of Kenya.

Otile purchased the Balenciaga Crocs Boots worth Ksh 80,000 as he celebrated his 30th birthday.

He shared this information on his Insta stories with a video of him unboxing the expensive boots.

“So y’all artists claim to be richer than Obizee. mnakuanga na nduru nyingi.”

Otile Brown

The ‘Dusuma’ singer is following in the footsteps of celebs like Kanye West who has popularised the ‘ugly’ gumboots and made them a fashion must-have.


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YouTube’s Gold Play Button is a testament to the hard work and dedication a creator has shown in developing their channel to this level.

On his social media, he wrote;

“Look at what y’all did… Y’all are some amazing human beings. Thank you for the 1 million YouTube subscribers Obizeeeee #justinlovemusic.”

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