Ugandan Digital Influencer Christine Nampeera Apologises After She Was Filmed Having Sex In Public Toilet

Christine Nampeera has issued a public apology following an embarrassing sex tape that is doing rounds on the internet.

The Ugandan digital influencer, who is a younger sibling to renowned DJ Roger, was filmed making out with her boyfriend Barasha.

Christine was seen in a 3-minute video engaging in all manner of debauchery in a tiny public toilet at Kenjis restaurant and bar.

Digital influencer Christine Nampeera apologises after she was filmed having sex in public toilet

The influencer and her boyfriend were completely lost in their world as they were being filmed eating the forbidden fruit while sitting on the toilet bowl and also while leaning against the wall.

At one point, Barasha seemed to have noticed they were being recorded but he wasn’t spooked one bit. He smiled for the camera and continued ‘attacking’ Christine from behind.

Christine Nampeera
Christine Nampeera

During the steamy session, Barasha was clad in his birthday suit while Christine only had her top on.

Christine took to social media and apologized for her behaviour after her sex tape spread online like a wild bushfire.

“I want to apologise to my family Dj Roja, my friends, my boyfriend Mr Barasha, and my employers who have been affected by the video circulating. It was a private affair, I am sorry,” she posted on her X (previously Twitter) account.

The Influencer further urged netizens to stop sharing the clip online saying the ordeal was depressing her.

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