Tumia Pesa Ikuzoee: Maina Kageni Says He Budgets for KSh 10K Each Day For Sherehe

Radio king Maina Kageni has claimed that his daily budget is always KSh 10,000 which matches up to his expertise in fine dining.

He was responding to a story in which two ladies in their 20s or early 30’s were arrested and presented in court over failure to pay a 147K bill.

Maina now says it’s unfortunate that the ladies are being charged yet they did not drink alone.

“I am an expert in fine dining they did not drink that money alone. It is the men who ran away. Women, are these the kind of men you are going to marry?

If you take a woman out, man up. There is a place I go and the price of 3 samosas is 2K.

I budget for 10K a day.” Shared Maina.


Mwalimu King’angi responded the men might have been foreigners, Maina refuted the claims saying

“Those might be Kikuyu men, they are usually so stingy. Mimi if I call you for lunch/dinner I am paying.

You cannot call me for lunch and start dictating what I will eat or drink.”

Mwalimu further stated,

“It depends on what they ordered. It looks like a habit they have this was just their 40th day. Even if you are invited for a date why should you drink like you are buying a shamba.”


“I suspect they asked for an expensive drink. If they are brought the menu they should choose something they can pay for.

Wacha iwe funzo kwao na kwa wengine wenye tabia kama hizo.”

Do you agree with Maina that the ladies can’t drink such a huge amount alone?

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