Trouble In Paradise? Amber Ray Deletes New Lover’s Pictures And Unfollows Him On Instagram

Has there been trouble in paradise between Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo? The pair reportedly split up after just three weeks of dating.

The socialite and her new ex- lover have unfollowed each other on Instagram followed by wiping out all their images together living no trace behind them, a strong hint that things aren’t all.

In Amber Ray’s relationship book of record, this has been the shortest romance ever recorded.

Amber Ray And Rapudo

Amber Ray had been the talk of town immediately after she introduced her new bae (Kennedy Rapudo who is a big name in the field of International Relations) in mid-June in a scintillating photo.


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As expressed by their Instagram posts, the two shared some photos of themselves; an allusion that there might be a bond between them.

She announced the relationship with one photo where she pretended to be tiding Rapudo’s shirt while standing adjacent to each other where she expressed her feelings in writing

“it’s the dimple for me.”

While on the other side Kennedy Rapudo had posted the photo with Amberay looking so much in love as she glued her eyes to her then-bae.

However, none of the two has come out to clear the air on what exactly had transpired resulting in them unfollowing each other on Instagram.

Some Kenyans have speculated that the two might just be pulling a stunt for clout or they really did not have a thing.

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