Time Milly Chebby’s Brother Nearly Beat Up Terence Creative

Terence Creative has shared an incident in which he was almost beaten up by his brothers-in-law.

This was after Chebby called them crying due to being frustrated that Terence was sleeping out. At the time the couple’s relationship was still very young.

Through their YouTube channel, he said,

“One day we had an argument and I went out and slept out for two days. She called her siblings and she was crying. They did not even wait to hear the whole thing as they thought she had been beaten.”


Terence says he did not know things were about to get hot.

“When I came home I apologized to her and promised never to sleep outside again. I did not know she had called up her brothers. She accepted my apology and then told me to go and hide in the bedroom before the brothers arrived.

I could hear her brother telling her how he would have beaten me if he had caught me. The brother lost one arm in a road accident but he is very strong.”

Milly added,

“He was like ‘I told you you can get someone who will treat you better and who will be coming back to you.’ All you do is cry and call me.”

Terence and Milly have been married for the last ten years and have a daughter together.

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