TikToker Kinuthia Reveals It’s Her Mum Who Buys Him Dresses (Video)

Kelvin Kinuthia, a TikToker who has gained fame for cross-dressing, has said that his mother supports his hustle.

Speaking to Eve Mungai on Friday, January 11, the 20-year-old was asked how his mother reacted to seeing him with acrylic nails and plaited hair.

“My mum is very okay. She is cool with it. I even went home the other day and found out she had bought several dresses.


She had gone shopping for herself but came across the dresses and thought that they would look on me,” he said.

Kinuthia also disclosed that he started trying out women’s clothing after observing his mother.

“I used to imitate my mum and would do whatever she did as she spruced up herself. But I stopped after a while. But then it came back when I discovered TikTok.

I saw it was unique as no one was doing that it on the platform.” However, Kinuthia, who dropped out of college to create content, admitted that he was initially hesitant.

“I was scared. But I got friends who encouraged me saying cross-dressing would benefit me while haters would never help me.”

Source: Tuko

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