TikTok Star Kinuthia Narrates How ‘Eating Fare’ Made The Landlord Deny Him A house

Tik Tok star Kelvin Kinuthia has become a social media star due to his unique sense of style.

Kinuthia, who is known for cross-dressing identifies himself as a content creator, social media influencer and brand ambassador.

Last year, a story emerged that Kelvin Kinuthia has ‘eaten fare’ of a man while pretending to be a beautiful woman.


The reports indicated that Kinuthia used the money to buy a phone.

Now, the Tik Toker says he got many messages and calls from friends and family after the story went viral.

“That day I was in a salon…I got a call from my sister saying I have ‘eaten fare’ and did not share with her. My Instagram DM was full of screenshots, people asking what is happening,” he said on Radio Jambo.

The entertainer further detailed how the story made him be denied a house on a rental premise.

“I had located a house and was supposed to move in in 5 days. When the story emerged, the agent called me and said the landlord does not want someone like me on their premises. I told them it was a lie but they decided to refund the money. I was stressed … I had to look for another house,” Kinuthia shared.

He says he has been receiving many questions about his sexuality, but will only open up when he is ready.

Kinuthia is an LGBT crusader.

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