This Radio Presenter Sacked Kidi From Interview When He Arrived Late

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It was an embarrassing moment for Kidi in the studio of Accra FM when he was being admonished for a habitual behaviour of turning up late for interviews.

Radio show host, Nana Romeo of Accra FM, on Thursday morning stood his grounds when he politely asked Lynx-signed artiste, Kidi to leave his show.

Reports indicate that the interview was scheduled for 11 a.m. but the ‘Sugar Daddy‘ arrived 25 minutes later nearing the end of the show. This infuriated the host thereby calling off the interview.

When Kidi arrived in the studio, Nana Romeo queried him on why he is late. According to Romeo, it was not the first time Kidi had shown up late for an interview.

Nana Romeo did not mince words when he told Kidi to his face that the interview was not going to happen because he felt embarrassed.

“I was planning for a beautiful interview as usual but time is gone.”

Given the chance to speak, Kidi apologized and left the studio.

“if the interview won’t happen, it’s fine and I apologize again. I don’t mean to disrespect anybody, I don’t mean to disappoint anybody, it’s just fine.”

“I just don’t like the way I’ve been spoken to this morning. Yeah, it’s okay. I apologize for being late. I’m sorry,” Kidi said as he vacates his seat.

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Was Nana Romeo right for sacking Kidi?


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