This Is What We Do After Eating Employees’ Salaries, Call Police! – Akothee

Singer Akothee has told off a lady who accused her of failing to pay her salary.

In a video on her social media, the mother of five told the lady to continue serving ‘tea’ through exposes.

“Nifanye kazi mimi uweke pesa mfukoni wewe…I invite you to come work at my place… can you work under pressure? Yes. Are you sure you know what you are coming to do? Yes madam, I will do over your expectations. Alafu sahii Nyenyenye. You are serving tea we are drinking wine baby, let tea serve you and pay you,” she said amid laughter.

“This is how we do after eating employees’ salaries, call police,”


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Akothee added before breaking into a dance while enjoying a glass of wine.

The lady identified as Brenda had accused Akothee aka Madam Boss, of failing to pay her salary after she shot videos for her.

Before this, Make up artiste Dennis Karuri had accused the ‘Sweet Love’ hitmaker of being a rude client.

“She is the rudest client I have ever dealt with, alinipitisha…but I did it diligently hadi mwisho. I suffered. The whole day we were with her, I even did PA duties for her. It was in Migori, an activation of Peptang. I was walking around with her…touch up…all the way,” Karuri said.

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