These 12 Photos Of Maxine Wabosha Prove She Is The Most Beautiful Girl In Kenya Right Now

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Maxine Wabosha just graduated with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering.

But away from her impressive academic qualifications, it is her beauty that has made her one of our favorite Kenyans YouTubers.

Damn! this girl is beautiful.

Here are 12 photos of Wabosha that prove she is the most beautiful girl in Kenya right now.

Kula na macho!

1. Let’s start from her graduation photo.

2. That smile can cure brokenness

3. Aww

4. What were you saying again?

5. Ohhh My Gawd!

6. Just look at her. She is fine.

7. Her smile is gold

8. This girl

9. Princess baiby

10. Hot as your grandma’s pot

11. Hmmmmm!

12. Fine skin

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