‘The Breakup Was Mutual’ – Georgina Njenga Opens Up About Split From Baha

Kenyan YouTuber Georgina Njenga has shed light on her breakup with former ‘Machachari’ actor Tyler Mbaya, better known as Baha.

Speaking to YouTuber Eve Mungai, the mother of one revealed that their separation was a mutual decision driven by a multitude of underlying issues.

Georgina shared that there wasn’t a singular reason behind their decision to part ways.

There was no specific reason, it was just not working, there were just piled-up issues, ni mambo mingi zenye hamjui,” she disclosed, refraining from delving into the specifics of those issues.

Baha And Georgina

She emphasized that their separation was not a result of one person leaving the other, but rather an amicable conclusion that things were not working out noting that they tried to even involve family in an etch to salvage their relationship.

“We sat down and felt hii imeenda, we tried talking for so long but… We tried to involve family,” she revealed.

She expressed the belief that a child should not be the sole reason to remain in a relationship that isn’t working.

“A child should not be a reason to stay in a relationship, you can co-parent. Tyler loves his daughter and he is in her life. I knew that he would be there even when I was pregnant,” she asserted.

Addressing rumours that the publicized gambling scandal involving Tyler Mbaya may have contributed to their breakup, Njenga clarified that their decision to end the relationship was made prior to the scandal coming to light.

“Aai, we broke up before the gambling issue, ilihappen before data ikihappen watu walienda kuangalia , data the unfollowing came before,” she put the speculations to rest.

“I knew he was gambling, but that is his side to talk about, I won’t address that,” she added.

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