That Awkward Moment When Berla Mundi Had One Minute Remaining On Live TV

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Meet Berla Mundi.

Berla Mundi is one of the freshest faces front lining Accra-based television station, TV3. She is known for her modest personality even though she is not without controversies of her own.

Mishaps and embarrassment form part of one’s experience in life and the eclectic presenter got hers served on live TV.

While carrying out her duties on “New Day” — TV3’s breakfast show, an unexpected thing happened when she called someone via phone for an interview but she handled it professionally without flinching.

The infamous timekeeper who reminds us “you have one minute remaining” during phone calls did her thing but Berla remained calm and collected in resolving the mishap.

She smartly feigned technical difficulties to hang up knowing the conversation definitely could go beyond one minute.

Reacting to the issue she posted the except of the video on Instagram asking in a sarcastic way, “Let’s settle this, is this lying or technical challenge.” She, however, took the post down for obvious reasons.

Watch the video below



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