Tedd Josiah Says in 20 Years, Sautisol Will Have Been Forgotten

Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah has shared his thoughts on Kenyan music and the lack of government involvement in preservation of music culture.

Tedd Josiah said that Kenyan boy band Sautisol are doing well at the moment but in 20 years time, they will have been forgotten.

“The boys are doing good right now, but I can assure you in 20 years no one will be talking about them. They will have been completely forgotten. You know why, because, as a country, we don’t do enough to preserve our own music culture and legacy.”

Tedd Josiah And Sauti Sol
Tedd Josiah And Sauti Sol

Tedd said that in other countries, the government is involved in preservation of music to ensure that even future generations get to know of big artists who once ruled the music industry.

“In other countries, you will encounter culture centers that tell stories of their music legacies. We no longer speak of Fundi Konde, and Daudi Kabaka, all these were great artists, but there is nothing to show off their journey. Nobody talks of us now. The same will happen to Sauti Sol in future.”

He added that the country has a failed systems that only benefit a few individuals. The collective Management organizations (CMO) supposed to be acting on artists and producers’ behalf collect  money as royalties and award themselves the biggest share, a factor that caused him to quit music production.

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