Everything Is Fine Between Us, Tanasha Speaks On Relationship With Diamond

Tanasha even says that she and Diamond will be releasing a music video together soon 

Tanasha Donna has shut down any rumours that she and Diamond are going through problems on Wilkings Podcast.

The rumours began to surface when the Bongo singer missed out on her EP, then in the message excusing himself, he referred to her as ‘a colleague’, before editing it.  He wrote;

kutokana na tatizo la ghafla lilotokea nyumbani, imenibidi niruke Dar es Salaam Maramoja kwajili ya kulisolve….hivyo naweza fika nimechelewa, au pengine kutofanikiwa kuhudhuria ghafla ya Uzinduzi maalum ya EP ya Mpenzi wangu Mjini Nairobi Usiku wa leo…Niwakumbushe tu kuwa Event hio itakuwa inaruka live kupitia @wasafitv …Mlio majumbani msikose kutazama????


After all the speculation, Tanasha made things clear and explained why Diamond had to leave;

Well first of all it’s a little bit of a personal emergency that I don’t wanna discuss here. But this is what I do when I tell people, he would not waste his time to coming to Nairobi if his intent was not to attend the event. Clearly something happened, clearly something that was urgent that caused him to leave otherwise he wouldn’t have come all the way in the first place with his whole team, his entourage. Its just a waste of money, a waste of time. So clearly something did happen. It’s a little bit personal but everything is fine between us and we are about to release our music video next week “




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