Take Me Back, I’m Sorry- King Alami Begs Noti Flow

King Alami and her ex- lover Noti Flow are the most recent pair to have called it quits, and King Alami has now decided that she will do all she can to have Noti back.

When questioned about what caused their breakup, Noti Flow claimed that accusations surfaced that King Alami was working as an escort in Nairobi, which was quickly debunked.

Does King Alami work as an escort?

Blogger Edgar Obare revealed that Alami was working as an escort and when she was asked, she did not deny it. She said that her account was hacked and Noti Flow didn’t have an idea (then). Alami wrote:

‘It is true. That is my account. She doesn’t know yet. Someone recently hacked my account for an hour and posted. I was supposed to tell her later on like 3/4 months. I am doing it for cash, I don’t like men no offence. And whatever people say, I don’t really care I’m winning while they got nothing’

Noti Flow

Noti Flow then decided to conduct her own inquiry, only to discover her girlfriend kissing another man as they entered a building together. She mentioned on Instagram that she once decided to follow her. When fans contacted King Alami to hear her side of the story, she said that she was hoping to reunite with Noti Flow.


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While it didn’t directly answer her admirers’ suspicions that she was an escort, it appears that she was serious after all!

King Alami recently released what seems to be a new music video from her ex, Noti Flow, on Instagram, along with an emotional comment directed towards Noti Flow.

Alami is basically asking the former Nairobi Diaries actress to take her back in the post, as well as apologizing. And this comes about a month after she was gifted a new car.

King Alami And Noti Flow

Does this imply that she has finally confessed to the charges brought against her? While this has yet to be confirmed, her message appears to have sparked a wide range of comments from fans and netizens alike.

While many sympathize with her as she begs forgiveness, it appears that others feel the pair has merely opted to join the clout chasing bandwagon in order to promote Noti Flow’s songs.

The artiste has yet to answer King Alami’s requests, and it doesn’t appear like she will anytime soon.

We can only hope that this is not a phoney split and that if they do get back together, it will be for the right reasons, given how these two beauties have been feeding us some lovely relationship goals in the recent past.

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