Sydney Talker’s Coronavirus Test Results Came And It Is NEGATIVE

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Nigerian content creator, Sydney Talker has received his test result after he got tested for COVID-19 and it came back negative.

Born Sydney Egere, the social media star announced last week that he had not been feeling well and the symptoms he described were similar to the coronavirus disease.

After going hard at the National Centre for Disease Control on social media he finally got tested.

On Thursday noon, he posted the test results across his social media platforms to update his fans on his current condition.

“My Test Results just got in from Lagos State Ministry of Health and thankfully it is NEGATIVE.

To those who felt this was a PRANK or CLOUT CHASING, I have just one question “Why would I chase clout at the expense of my life?”

To everyone who prayed for me in my weakest moment and for quick recovery, I pray that on the day you are in distress may you also find help and receive prayers IJN Amen

I love you all & I promise I will be back and better soonest”

We at OMGVoice wish you a speedy recovery chale.


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