Stivo Simple Boy’s Girlfriend In Tears After He Allegedly Cheated & Dumped Her (Video)

Musical artist Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend Purity Vishenwa popularly known as Pritty, has revealed that the musician has cheated on her & dumped her!

Through a video on her Instagram, the voluptuous content creator is seen in tears as she calls out Stivo over the same.

”Steve, why are you doing this to me? I did so many things for you. I sacrificed a lot for you.

Stivo Simple Boy

Pritty continued to state the name of Stivo’s new catch and maintained that the chick is not good enough for him.

… Why Adasa? Is she more prettier than me? Does she deserve you? I went extra mile for you. I did so many things for you. Why choose another woman? What does she have that I don’t have? Look at the way she’s skinny. Adasa is so skinny for you… Umeni hurt so much…”

She lamented over the dissolution of the 3+ years of their relationship, but she wished Stivo Simple Boy a happy life with his new chick.

According to Pritty, they started dating officially in 2019, after meeting in 2017. After Pritty came out public as Stivo’s girlfriend, she has been pampering him with affectionate messages on her socials; confessing that he is a good & God-fearing man.

The break-up was a wrecking ball that suddenly hit her so hard since she was deeply in love with him.

On the flipside, Stivo Simple boy has chosen to remain silent over the issue.

Watch her video below;

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