Stivo Simple Boy Says He’s Single, Denies Clout Chasing Rumours

Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend had been crying foul after he posted a video himself and Mombasa-based artist Adasa having fun by the beach.

The Kibera finest rapper posted the video on his Instagram with the caption;

“ Mwanamke sio matako wala sura, ni tabia au siyo?”

Stivo Simple Boy

This caused mixed reactions online, with most people expressinging their shock and disappointment.

Following the post, Pritty Vishy posted a video crying, asking Stevo why he would hurt her and what he saw in Adasa that she didn’t have.

Stevo also posted a picture of himself and Adasa posing, with him kissing her on the cheek with the caption,

“Bebi bebi swery hani hani nakupenda sana.”

Which is actually a line from one of his songs.

But as the script would have it, him and Adasa dropped a new song, big coincidence? I think not.

In a recent interview with a local radio station Stevo addressing the whole saga said he wasn’t clout chasing to push his music and he’s currently single.

” Mimi sifanyi kiki, mimi nafanya vitu za ukweli.”

When asked to comment on the video Pritty Vishi had posted crying accusing him of cheating he simply said that he didn’t cheat.

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