Stivo Simple Boy Accuses Ex Of Bedding Over 50 Men (Video)

Rapper Stivo Simple boy is out here serving tea and the sad part is that – things are getting too personal or rather – getting out of hand.

Well, I don’t know whether you go around telling people about your exes body count – but Stivo does.

The freshi baridi hitmaker recently had a candid interview with Oga Obinna where he talked about his life, career and of course – his past relationship.

Stivo Simple Boy

As usual we all wanted to hear what he says about Pritty Vishy the woman he had dated for months after years of being single. Yes, Stivo was single for a long time and I know this because after his first hit ‘Mihadarati’ he went on different interviews where he said he was a single man.

However in 2021 we all met Pritty Vishy – the woman that rooted for his success and even exposed his management for using him. Well, despite playing wife….things didn’t end so well for Pritty Vishy. So now I’m assuming she won’t be taking up such roles in future.

speaking about his ex with Oga Obinna – the singer revealed he was aware of how generous Pritty Vishy was when it comes to men. Apparently despite being with her, he already knew that his ex had been involved with over 50 guys. Alaaaar.

Nilikuwa najua hizo mambo zake, si ati sikuwa najua. But what I want ni ashikilie tu mtu mmoja.

When asked by Obinna how men many he knew from her past, Stivo revealed;

Wengi. More than 50. Nilinyamazia tu.

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