Stick To Your Lane! Azziad Tells Off Critic Over Indecent Content

Actress and content creator Azziad Nasenya on Monday told off a critic over claims that she uses ‘sex appeal’ to sell her content.

According to Azziad, everyone should stick to their lane, and run their own race.

She added that nobody should be forced to do what they does not like.

The Twitter user identified as Brenda Makena had on February 25 said that she stopped following the actress on social media.

Makena argued that she was forced to do that because her content is sexualised and there is no value to anything she posts on social media.

“The reason why I don’t follow Azziad in any of her socials is because her content is over sexualized and there’s nothing to learn or any value added from anything she posts. Call me a hater, but it’s the truth. Sex sells,” she said.


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