Sonie’s Daughter Lands 1st Ambassadorial Deal As She Turns One

YouTuber Caroline Muthoni aka Sonie is a happy mother after her daughter secured her first ambassadorial deal as she turns one year old.

Sonie shared the good news with her over 100K followers, stating that her daughter has been picked as a brand ambassador of a kid’s apparel shop.

“Best birthday gift ever. Keila is finally the BRAND AMBASSADOR for Zawadi BABY Shop. Congratulations baby k. God did it♥️🙏🏾,” an excited Sonie shared.

Sonie and Keilah

The news attracted lots of positive vibrations from Sonie’s fans, many congratulating her and baby Keilah for securing the new deal.

Congratulatory messages


Congratulations Kaila❤️❤️


Mulamwah degithira😂congratulations baby Keilah and happy happy birthday


Enyewe you had to shave mambo inyooke 🔥🔥😍talk of change


Alafu Mulamwah atakuja kuteta hapa ati don’t use the child for social media likes and monetary gains😂😂😂.. Congrats babygirl 😘…more and more blessings toto 😍😍❤️

The signing of the Ambassadorial deal come hours after Mulamwah warned Sonie against using their daughter to make money.

“Don’t use the kid as bait for social media likes, validation, and monetary gains. Mtoi sio job. hbd queen, Tunakungoja kitale Bado 👌. Your lil Siz says hi too 😘. HBD kalamwah Keilah oyando . Blessings,” Mulamwah warned.

We went on to appeal to Sonie to make co-parenting easy.

“HBD rainbow baby kalamwah ♥️. Baraka tele. To many more years of growth & good health. We will one day meet and talk once you have a brain of your own. Asante lakini mama k kwa kumlea vizuri , just make it easier to co-parent akae fiti – let’s not have happy pictures online with sad realities.

On Saturday, Sonie penned a beautiful message to daughter Keilah as she turns one. Unlike Mulamwah, Sonie was all positive in her birthday message.

She later, disclosed that she was flying Keilah to Mombasa for birthday celebrations.

“My baby is one yall😭 I am so emoshooonooo😭 my baby I’m so happy for you aki…I can’t believe you are one already, damn it is just the other day you were born🥺 seeing you grow every day has been my best moment…I honestly can’t wait to see you grow old and become a God-fearing Baby… I love you so much♥️ happy birthday my love,” Sonie wrote.

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