Sonnie Blasts Mulamwah After Explosive Interview

The drama between Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah seems to have escalated shortly after the comedian accused his baby mama or denying him access to their 6 month old baby girl, Keilah.

Earlier this morning the comedian disclosed the kind of relationship he shares with ex cum baby mama Carol Sonnie; and from what he says is that he has not had a chance to see his baby girl in months after ex decided to keep her away from him.

His actual words were;

Honestly ata sjui kama bado anaitwa Keilah, the mother told me she will change names and tell her babake alikufa. My family has never seen the kid, Ali Kayai kumleta home. She even shaved her on her own against norms.

Carol Sonnie

A statement that forced Carol Sonnie to hit back saying;

For the respect I have for Keila and myself…I still choose to be quiet.

Carol Sonnie

However according to Sonnie, baby daddy Mulamwah rarely visits his child and the last time he paid them a visit – Keilah was only 2 months. Alaaar.

Mulamwah Calls Out Baby Mama Carol Sonie For Trying To Change Daughter’s Name


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