Socialite Pendo Recalls Using Cocaine While On The Nairobi Diaries TV Show

Socialite Pendo has revealed that at one point she used hard drugs.

In an interview with Buzz Central, Pendo who is promoting her new EP, titled Illusion’ said the drug was expensive for her.

A while ago, Pendo was caught using cocaine while shooting Nairobi Diaries but she denied it all. Years later she has now confessed to using the hard drug.


She confessed that former Nairobi Diaries co-star Bridget Achieng found her inhaling cocaine. However she claims that she was not a cocaine addict and that she was only trying it at the time.

“Experience is the best teacher. Things happens in the industry and you try things out. She probably just saw me one day trying and she decided as well. I tried it but it is not my thing,” she said.

Pendo added;

“It was wasting my money. It is an expensive and meaningless lifestyle that doesn’t help your creativity.”

Pendo said she has since reformed and focusing on her music career.

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