Size 8 Trolled For Preaching Water And Drinking Wine

Gospel songbird, Size 8 is having it rough with trolls online regarding her makeup, dressing, recent music and the kind of friends she hangs out with.

Fans are if anything, utterly disappointed by the singer’s kind of lifestyle, terming her as one who ”preaches water but drinks wine’.

On Instagram, the beauty was in a bid to promote her recent jam, featuring Masterpiece, “High bila ndom”.

However, critics were not in the business of congratulating her for the new music or even supporting her. Nope!

First, they bashed her for donning trousers and applying make up, basing on fact that she is ‘saved’ and a gospel artist.

Size 8, however, defended her position, saying that for her it is right as long as she does not worship her lifestyle choices.

This is not the first the mother of 2 has been called out over her dressing and choice of music.

Her recent track ‘High bila ndom’ featuring Masterpiece has raised eyebrows, with a hairstyle that has irked Kenyans.


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