Six Quotes By Aoko Otieno That Will Make You Shout…AMEN!

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I have no idea how to describe her and I won’t waste any time on that.

But maybe just to give you an idea of what she stands for, Aoko Otieno is a Kenyan writer who speaks to the souls of sensible men.

Aoko also believes that men and women are not equal in anatomy, aptitude and even in day to day issues in life, and as such the latter should accept their”place” in society.

Anyway, let me bless your Sunday morning with some of her greatest quotes that will leave Socrates scratching his head.

  1. Say a big AMEN!

2. God Bless her

3. Eeeeeei

4. Preach dear, Preach! Amen!

5. Owkay

6. Hehehehehe Aoko for boychild president!


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