Singer Akothee’s First Born Daughter Vesha Introduces Lover To The Public

Vesha Shailan, Akothee’s firstborn daughter, has publicly introduced her lover for the first time.

Vesha, a director at Akothee Safaris and Tours, introduced her man through a TikTok video where she was dancing and the man awing at her dance moves.

“Finally he accepted”Vesha captioned the TikTok video, complete with love emojis.

The video elicited mixed reactions, with scores of her followers trooping to the comment section to weigh in on her reveal.

Vesha, a director at Akothee Safaris

“Yaani mwafanya vice versal wewe na mamako ana date watu rika yako na wewe yake.” a fan said.

“Since everyone in Akothee family are showing their bees imebaki Fancy Makadia” Commented another fan

“Mko na shida watu. Ingekuwa huyo boy ni mzungu mungesema wameendana. Sai mwasema a date rika yake. Do what makes you happy girl.” yet another fan wrote.


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The story was further confirmed by Vesha’s younger sister Fancy Makadia after she shared the same video on her official Facebook page.

“First it was Ma, Now its Big Siz…The pressure is getting wessaa.” Fancy captioned the video.

The latest comes just days after her mum introduced her new mzungu boyfriend.

“I never knew there was real love, I was always afraid of being taken advantage of. Until I met you, if this is how it feels being loved, then I am ready to die here, see my glow,” Akothee captioned several lovey-dovey photos on Instagram.

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