Shut Up & Wait for Your Favour- Kate Actress to Kamati Ya Roho Chafu

Catherine Kamau known by her stage name, Kate Actress has once again put “kamati ya roho chafu” to shame by telling its members to shut up and wait for their favour.

The comment in which she made it known that fame comes at a high cost, was made in favour of the Kenyan TikTok Queen Azziad Nasenya.

Days ago, 19 year-old Azziad made her debut role on Maisha Magic East’s telenovela series, Selina.

Whereas her success was celebrated and warmly welcomed by many who find inspiration in her, there is a lot that was pretty much disappointed.

To express their bitterness, they trolled her in all possible ways they could.

Tokodi and Azziad
Pascal Tokodi Posses for a photo with Azziad Nasenya. They are now co-actors on Selina TV show. PHOTO: Instagram

Kate being the kind that encourages the youth to be the best of their abilities came out to stand for Azziad.

She explained that Azziad has worked hard to be where she is now and urged the naysayers to wait for their moment of glory.

Hii app inaweza pea mtu depression, you just wake up to hate on a girl that has worked so hard for her spotlight, Azziad Nasenya has been on stage all her school life, the universe has finally conspired in her favour, shut up and wait for yours #AzziadOnSelina,” she tweeted.

Azziad who is a student at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) came to the limelight after a video of her dancing to Femi One’s Utawezana song in a TikTok Challenge went viral.

Many Kenyans have continued to stand behind her as she is making her way to the top.

Her viral video was a blessing in disguise despite getting just as many criticisms.


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