Shorn Arwa Gifted Another Car by Her Nigerian Husband

Kenyan content creator Shorn Arwa has been gifted another luxurious car by her UK based  Nigerian husband.

Early this month, Shorn Arwa shared a video of the BMW X1 she received as a gift from her husband.

Sharing the news with her friends, Shorn Arwa said the car came as a surprise to her since they had agreed on buying a small car in order to polish her driving skills.

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Shorn Arwa revealed that when she received her first car BMW X1, she told her husband she wanted a girly car and he got her a BMW X3.

” I told my husband I wanted a girly car, something that screams, a woman. So we had a discussion and agreed am getting an upgrade.

The mother of one said she had no idea which car her husband decided to buy for her and it was a surprise when she saw it.

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Below are some comments from fans after Shorn Arwa shared the video of her new car.

“Huyu husband ameamua kutupea pressure wakati sisi hata wig ama weave hatujanunua, lakini huyu dem seems zile maneno anaonyesha husband chopper atapata soon.”

“Heeee kwani aliomba akiangalia side gani?😂😂😂Shornarwa help your sisters out!”

“May the God of shornarwa locate me😍😭.”

Shorn Arwa who recently relocated to the united Kingdom is living her best life and counting her blessings day by day.

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