Shix Kapienga Says She Is Single & Ready To Mingle

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Content creator and actress Shix Kapienga has confirmed she is single and not in any potential relationship at the moment.

The 34-year-old has in the past been rumoured to be in a relationship with stand-up comedian Jasper Muthomi, popularly known as MC Jessy.

However, while doing an interview with her friend Terryanne Chebet on her YouTube channel, the media personality said she’s not currently dating.

When Chebet asked her if she was seeing anyone, the famous actress paused and then answered:

“No. No.”

She, however, confirmed that she is interested in having a husband and kids in the future but was waiting on God’s timing.

“I would not mind, if it should happen it will happen, if it will not, still okay. God’s timing,” she added.

The host then asked her who her ideal man was, and she paused for a minute before answering that question.

“Honestly, I have never thought about it but I just need someone loving, hardworking, someone who together we can build each other up and a family loving man,” she explained.

She also explained that losing her radio job got her to transform into the digital space and create content that has landed her lots of sponsorship deals.


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