‘She’s Too Beautiful To Be Mulamwah’s Child’- Oga Obinna Says Keilah Is Not Mulamwah’s Daughter (Video)

Kiss FM’s radio presenter Oga Obinna has supported Mulamwah’s doubts of siring baby Keilah Oyando with his ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie.

Even though Carrol had mitigated the accumulating doubts through an interview, there’s still doubts whether the daughter is the legitimate child of comedian Mulamwah.

Oga Obinna has shared his sentiments on why the baby is not Mulamwah’s, purporting that she’s too beaufitul to compared to Mulamwah’s looks- savage!

Obinna And Mulamwah


He actually shared his statement on air at Kiss FM and stated;

”…But that child that they got with Mulamwah, I don’t think that’s Mulamwah’s child. That child is too fine. That child is too beautiful. Mulamwah does not look like that. Let’s just be honest.”

Mulamwah had previously exposed Carrol Sonie saying that she was with another man during their relationship period; and this led to him doubting whether he’s the legit dad of Keilah.

On the flipside, Carrol refuted all the claims and stated that she’ll no longer address anything related to her daughter. Do you think Obinna’s statement on baby Keilah will suffice?

Watch his full video below;

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