Sherlyne Anyango Reveals Her Mzungu Fiance Cancelled the Wedding After Googling Her Name

Kenyan socialite Sherlyne Anyango has opened further on how the things she did when she was younger came to affect her later in life.

Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, Sherlyne Anyango said she regrets appearing on club COVID and exposing her body to the public for fame.

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The socialite however shared that during the COVID period she earned alot of money from private dance shows and club Covid as well. In total she made Ksh 30 million.

After gaining her fame, doors opened for Sherlyne and eventually she travelled to the US. In the process, she met a Mzungu guy who was madly in love with her and he eventually proposed.

Their relationship however didn’t go as expected and he broke off the engagement after he found out about club COVID and what his soon to be wife did back in Kenya.

“There was this time I was going to get married and the guy’s family decided to Google my name. Everything that was popping up was things I did on club COVID. The Mzungu guy loved me so much but his family told him I was a red flag and advised him against marrying me.”

Sherlyne added that the way she got her fame was only helpful for a while but eventually it cost her alot of opportunities as it was hard to clear her name.

Brands and companies refused to work with her even after winning the auditions since indecency brought her to the limelight.

Her biggest regret is exposing her body to the wolrd and she wishes that she danced while fully clothed and decent.

” I wish I never posted myself like that. I wish I concealed myself, I could have danced but maybe in trousers or something. Everybody makes mistakes but the problem is my mistake was recorded. I had blocked my family on social media and I never listened to their advice. I told them to let me live my life. Things that I did when I was 19 are affecting me now.”

Sherlyne Anyango came to the limelight in 2020 during the COVID 19 lockdown when she made appearance on a live show on Instagram hosted by Xtian Dela.

The Instagram live termed as club COVID featured girls who twerked , danced explicitly and contested for money to entertain viewers.

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