Sheila Mwanyigha Says Age Was A Wake-Up Call To Fitness Journey

Media personality Sheila Mwanyigha has opened up on what prompted her to start her make over journey to become a fitness freak.

According to Mwanyigha, “advancing in age” was one of the main factors that elicited her decision to hit the gym as dieting alone did not work the trick to attaining the lifestyle she desired. She has however kept her age under wraps.

The showbiz guru who started her journey in late 2021 added that the Covid-19 pandemic was also a contributing factor to her fitness journey after loosing two of her friends.

Sheila Mwanyigha

“Seeing people I knew die of Covid-19-related complications moved me. And I think one or two of them did not even know they had underlying conditions and by the time they were finding out, they were were dead and buried,” Mwanyigha told the Nation.

“The second thing that gave me a wake up call is that I am advancing in age. Not that I am an ancestor or anything but you are just thinking that already my bandwidth of coping with things is faulty and life is not necessarily getting easier. But you have to get stronger. How do you get stronger when the first thing you wake up n the morning is that you are tired? This was a warming bell and I realized I could not fix the problem I was having with dieting,” she added.

Mwanyigha further noted that as a result of her decision to turn over her lifestyle, “a life overhaul” has followed course, which has seen her attain more than physical fitness.

“I am not on a fitness journey because that means you reach your desired target and stop. What I am going through is a life overhaul, a holistic process which is for the rest of my life. When you are fixing your life, it is something else. It is changing how you approach everything, and that is not easy,” she said.

“My whole lifestyle has changed. What you are seeing on the outside is because of the things that are happening on the inside. It is never something that just happens overnight.”

She has since been sharing her fitness journey on social media showing off her petite curvature, looking like the lass she was in the late 90’s when she made her debut in the music industry under the stage name ‘Nikki’.

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