Shaffie Weru Lands lucrative Belaire Brand Ambassador Role

Media personality Shaffie Weru is making a remarkable comeback in the entertainment industry as he takes on the role of an East Africa brand ambassador for the renowned alcoholic drink Luc Belaire.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the former radio personality unveiled his exciting new venture, which will see him join the ranks of influential brand ambassadors such as American rapper Rick Ross, Diamond Platnumz, and DJ Khaled.

Shaffie, who is now heading events and branding for Governor Johnson Sakaja’s office, expressed his enthusiasm for this prestigious role, emphasizing his determination to contribute to the entertainment industry’s revival and, in turn, boost the economy.


“This new position will enable me to bring back [my party persona] Raverend. I will help the entertainment industry bring back the economy,” Shaffie remarked confidently.

His official unveiling as Belaire’s brand ambassador is expected to take place this week. Shaffie revealed that the role will require him to be active both day and night, aligning with the vibrant party scene that characterizes his industry.

As part of his ambassadorial duties, Shaffie anticipates a great deal of traveling and is gearing up for the adventure.

Shaffie Weru
Shaffie Weru

While the exact figures were not disclosed, Shaffie hinted that his earnings from this role would surpass his previous income when he was an on-air personality.

“I will be making double what I made on the radio,” he said.

Shaffie revealed to Nairobi News this exciting news during the Trace Awards Nominee Launch event held on Thursday, August 31 at Milan, Westlands.

Shaffie shared his excitement about representing Belaire in Rwanda during the upcoming Trace Awards ceremony, where he will likely cross paths with other top artists who also serve as brand ambassadors.

“I will be representing Belaire in Rwanda during the award ceremony of Trace Awards and Festival, and I might also meet some of the top artistes who are brand ambassadors.”

Shaffie states this opportunity stems from his distinctive bearded look, aligning with the brand’s luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle.

Reflecting on his career, Shaffie recalled a unique moment in 2016 when he made headlines by entering the Guinness Book of Records.

Shaffie participated in a record-breaking event where most people shaved at one time using Gillette products.

While they successfully achieved the feat, Shaffie humorously mentioned that the glory of breaking the world record went primarily to the company, as he had reservations about fully shaving off his beard.

“We broke the world records, but the glory went to the company because we were just being paid to come and chop our beards. I just shaved on the side, although I was the main face. They wanted us to cut all our beards, but I was afraid my beards would not grow back,” he said.

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