‘Scripting Is Too Much’- Oga Obinna Calls Out Thee Pluto Over His Infamous Show

Radio co-host Oga Obinna is calling out content creator Thee Pluto over his popular show where he fronts as a ‘chief sanitiser’.

In a strongly worded tweet, the comedian blasts the infamous series for its “sensationalism” claiming the show is scripted and the hosts are getting too comfortable.

He questions why Thee Pluto still uses ‘outdated’ gadgets which end up complicating the session.

“So non of these “sanitising shows” can get a handheld mic, a boom, a lapel or anything?? Must they keep holding that long ugly a*s cord with a “lapel” mic at the end moving it from one person to another? Y’all get very comfortable out here. Plus the scripting is now too much, LOL,” Obinna wrote.

Oga Obinna

The 22-year-old caught wind of the remarks and in a response through social media, he slammed Obinna quoting the positive impact the show has not only on him but also on other people.

In his defence, Thee Pluto says he has earned millions of views on Youtube, created more employment opportunities and has helped them expand the business.

“The long ugly mic got us130M and 700K every 48 hours Got some good dude’s employment and made us open another channel. Kama wewe si fan, huezu elewa utamu wa kukimbia na hako ka mike. We understand you,” Thee Pluto responded.

He did not however state firmly that the sensational episodes are scripted but should they be, then he should consider adding a disclaimer to the beginning of the episodes show’s to depict dramatization and not a social fact.

Lately, content creation has been subjected to growing criticism with fans asking for more creativity and authenticity in the industry.

This has been occasioned by the excessive use of ploys and clout-chasing stunts.

This is mainly to trigger engagement metrics before releasing a new project and more likely reusing it to inflate these engagements afterwards.

Or in this case, falsely presenting a scenario as true while it is a scripted act.

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