Savara Recalls Day Sauti Sol Beat Up Man For Assaulting Chimano

When Willis Chimano openly came out as a member of the LGBTQ community, he received a lot of backlashes.

The humiliation mainly came from online users who trolled him, however, things turned different when the attacks turned physical.

During an event at a local university, Chimano was attacked by an attendee because of his sexual choice.

Sauti Sol

Narrating how the incident happened, Savara one of the Sauti Sol members said Chimano left the tent at backstage to answer a call of nature only to come back with a busted lip and his face blood-stained.

“We had gone to perform at a university and the place was really packed and the hooliganism there can be on another level, so we were just chilling on backstage and he went for a call of nature.

“When he came back into the tent he was blood-stained, someone had burst his lip. We just stood up and found the guy and Bien pounced on him heavily, we protected Chimano greatly that day ,” Savara said.

Sauti Sol Boy Band Austin Chimano
Sauti Sol Boy Band Austin Chimano

Savara added that the attacks sometimes came verbally even when on stage during performances something he said Chimano was now used to.

“Chimano has grown a thick skin, it no longer affects him neither does it affect us as a group or even individuals,” Savara told Mzazi Willy Tuva in an interview on Radio Citizen.

Sauti Sol has been together for more than ten years and in the recent past, the members delved into solo projects. Chimano released his solo debut album ‘Heavy is the Crown’ on April 15, 2022 while Savara dropped his album ‘Savage Level’ on February 2022.

Polycarp also known as Fancy Fingers dropped his extended play ‘Father Studies’ in 2021 while Bien has been involved in a number of collaborations and also dropped a number of singles.

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